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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of commonly asked questions from our users.

- Account Related -
Q. I am getting the error "Incorrect Login" when I try to log into my account.
A. You have specified an incorrect username and/or password. If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you automatically here
Q. I am getting the error "Your account has not been activated yet." when I try to log into my account.
A. During the time of registration, you should have gotten an email from us with instructions on how to activate your account. This must be done before you can log in. If you never received this email, you can request it to be resent.
Q. How do I reset my password?
A. This can be easily done with the following procedure:
1. Log into your account.
2. Click on "update account" in the upper right.
3. Click on "reset password" next to your password.
4. Specify your current and new passwords
Q. How do I change my username?
A. Unfortunately, this can not be done. All account information and postings are tied to your username. In order to use another username, please open a new account with an alternate email address.
- Site Operation Related -
Q. How come my review or comment for a spa was edited/omitted?
A. Reviews/comments may be edited/omitted for various reasons. For example:
•  If it insults or questions the integrity of other members or their comments. If you disagree with a posting, you are welcome to respond. But such responses should be constructive.
•  If it contains or is related to any sexually suggestive content.
•  If it asks about or contains an exact address. Many of our listings prefer to keep their location exclusive, and their privacy should be respected.
•  If it contains language that can not be understood.
•  If it discusses any legal issues that a spa may be experiencing.
Q. Why edit the reviews/comments for spas at all?
A. We do this for two primary reasons:
•  To keep the site useful for our members. In the past, postings were much less moderated. Unfortunately, the result was that the site became a forum for bickering and personal attacks between members. Therefore, we now try to nip such situations in the bud.
•  To protect the spas listed on our site. Many postings contain inappropriate details about the spa or its service providers. Such postings could do harm or invade the privacy of the spa. We firmly believe in the right to express your opinion, but not if it causes any direct danger to the spa or its employees.
Q. How do you prevent a user from posting reviews under different identities?
A. We always strive to make sure our system is not abused. Whenever a suspicious review comes into question, we check which computer that review came from to help determine if the review is indeed fraudulent. If so, the review will be marked accordingly and its rating will be excluded from the spa's avarage rating.
Q. I just suggested a spa to be listed, but how come I do not see it added?
A. Your spa may not be listed for one of two reasons:
•  We verify the validity of all suggested spas before we include them into our listings. We may not have been able to verify your spa at this time.
•  As many experienced members know, some spas operate under multiple names. So your spa may already be listed, just under a different name. To find out if this is the case, simply search for your spa by its phone number here.
- Miscellaneous -
Q. Can I change or delete postings I have made?
A. No, once submitted into our system, postings can not be changed or removed.

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Like many spa go-ers in metropolitan areas, we often find it hard to know which spas are worthwhile and which are rip-offs. With the bombardment of ads from publications such as The Village Voice and New York Press, there are way too many choices with hardly any real information about these spas. That's why we started Spa Hunters. With a comprehensive listing of spas, along with online reviews from other Spa Hunter members, we are building a community to share information so that you can find out which spa is right for you.

Therefore, whether you are a regular spa go-er or just a novice, you are encouraged to sign up to read reviews about your local spas. Or better yet, write your own reviews so that other may benefit from your experience. You can even suggest spas you may know of.
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