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1. Bali Spa  (Posted: 11-14-2010)
Phone: 205-833-1703
Location: Parkway E & Gene Reed Rd
Birmingham, AL 35215
User Rating (all time): - none -
User Rating (last 90 days): - none -
#Reviews: 0
#Comments: 2
Last Review/Comment: 07-15-2013
2. New Paradise Spa  (Posted: 06-13-2011)
Phone: 205-833-6874
Location: Parkway E & Orchard Rd
Birmingham, AL 35215
Hours: 7 days: 9am - 2am
3. Royal Spa  (Posted: 12-02-2010)
Phone: 256-217-0422
Location: Highway 72 W & Nance Rd
Madison, AL 35758
User Rating (all time): 1.50
User Rating (last 90 days): - none -
#Reviews: 2
#Comments: 0
Last Review/Comment: 06-18-2015
4. Super Sauna  (Posted: 03-04-2011)
Phone: 205-836-0747
Location: Parkway E & 4th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35206
5. VIP Spa  (Posted: 11-14-2010)
Phone: 205-836-2810
Location: Parkway E & 23rd St
Birmingham, AL 35206
Hours: 7 days: 9am - 2am
User Rating (all time): - none -
User Rating (last 90 days): - none -
#Reviews: 0
#Comments: 5
Last Review/Comment: 03-10-2014
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What is SpaHunters.com
Like many spa go-ers in metropolitan areas, we often find it hard to know which spas are worthwhile and which are rip-offs. With the bombardment of ads from publications such as The Village Voice and New York Press, there are way too many choices with hardly any real information about these spas. That's why we started Spa Hunters. With a comprehensive listing of spas, along with online reviews from other Spa Hunter members, we are building a community to share information so that you can find out which spa is right for you.

Therefore, whether you are a regular spa go-er or just a novice, you are encouraged to sign up to read reviews about your local spas. Or better yet, write your own reviews so that other may benefit from your experience. You can even suggest spas you may know of.
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