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Private Hottie
646-552-3769  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 40
#Comments in Past 60 days: 42
GFE Allstars
917-916-2418  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 38
#Comments in Past 60 days: 18
Smile Spa
973-928-6003  (Passaic, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 36
#Comments in Past 60 days: 25
Silk Tigers
917-224-1348  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 34
#Comments in Past 60 days: 28
Grey Spa
267-323-6808  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 25
#Comments in Past 60 days: 35
9 VIP Spa
215-592-0790  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 23
#Comments in Past 60 days: 12
Green Leaves Therapy
609-448-4380  (East Windsor, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 22
#Comments in Past 60 days: 27
215-751-9766  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 22
#Comments in Past 60 days: 22
Spa 202/206
908-552-6461  (Bridgewater, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 21
#Comments in Past 60 days: 24
Therapy Wholistc
732-369-6010  (Bridgewater, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 21
#Comments in Past 60 days: 8
 Featured Reviews

Looking for the best reviews? These reviews were voted most helpful by Spa Hunter members from the last 60 days.

Osaka Spa (New York, NY)
LISA found. If you remember the lovely Lisa from Red** and H**ako spa, she is a...
Posted by ACTIONJACKSON on Jan 07, 2017
12 members found this review helpful
Good Girl Spa (New York, NY)
Agree about Sandra...ENORMOUS t's DDD, very pleasant personality, very...
Posted by STEWIEBABY on Dec 21, 2016
12 members found this review helpful
Silk Tigers (New York, NY)
4.5 Saw Maggie, blond Asian, with an incredible bod, big enhanced top and a...
Posted by JERSEYDEVILS on Dec 04, 2016
12 members found this review helpful
One on One Spa (New York, NY)
My therapist...and by that I mean my Sensual therapist, was Sue. Tall Korean...
Posted by BIGUSDIKUS on Dec 03, 2016
12 members found this review helpful
Asian Playdate (New York, NY)
took Niko the 98lb spinner for a spin. She is a small girl, face is too cute...
Posted by BALDBASTARD on Dec 20, 2016
11 members found this review helpful
Sally's Spa (New York, NY)
Chanel, Giselle...they rhyme, and they are both very hot korean girls, of the...
Posted by NYRANGERS on Dec 19, 2016
11 members found this review helpful
Shake Shake Spa (New York, NY)
Happy, her name is appropriate as she made me very happy. She is but 5ft tall,...
Posted by BOLLYWOOD on Nov 29, 2016
11 members found this review helpful
Osaka Spa (New York, NY)
Did a walk in, got Ivie. First impression...my that is a big top you have under...
Posted by BONERBRAIN on Dec 11, 2016
10 members found this review helpful
Recent Reviews/Comments   [see more]

Asian Bodywork (Woodside, NY)

is YuYu never coming back? :(


Ivy's Angels (Lyndhurst, NJ)

I saw Jessica and NOT WORTH IT. Let me start telling you the place is a piece...


59 Salon (New York, NY)

Oh Laura, where are you?


Black Tulip Aromatherapy (Wilmington, DE)

2 questions... Is this a new spa taking over another spa's location, or totally...


Angel & King Spa (New York, NY)

Finished work earlier and was having spare time before going back for reporting....


Zen Thearapy & Bodywork (Wilmington, DE)

Are the photos in the BP ad realistic? The woman in black could massage me all...


Independent - Sophia (Hillside, NJ)

Words cannot really describe just how delightful sophia is....beautiful, yes.......


Sora Spa (Bayside, NY)

Paid a visit to Sora and met Sena. Located in a discrete area , clean and nice...


GFE Allstars (New York, NY)

After two tries, I finally had the opportunity at a session with Aimee. While...


Happiness Foot Spa (Merrick, NY)

Was in the area. Called and got the address and made a drive over. A place...


Independent - Dyann (Mt Vernon, NY)

@pardner yes this is the same lady that is listed as Bridges Bodywork. She is...


Warm Spa (Middletown, NY)

Finally got here,as far out of the way that it is-totally worth the trip!...


Utopia Bodywork (Yonkers, NY)

Utopia Wow VIP service Provider: Luca Yes from Pink31 All the benefits...


Dover Acupressure & Massage (Dover, NJ)

Called to see who was on last wknd and heard a new name, Ceici. So curiosity...


Skippack Massage (Schwenksville, PA)

Had Cici. Maybe I have high standards bc I wasnt feeling it. Not attractive...


Nice Day Spa (Middletown, NY)

Ok I made a rookie mistake. I went there expecting a therapeutic massage. I...


Osaka Spa (New York, NY)

Adding my vote to Lisa. Shower , massage , St to clean up is good. She is clean...


Far East (Pawtucket, RI)

Went late in December still open per usual, not sure for how much longer though....


Elegant Spa (Edgewood, MD)

New girl - JoJo. Very talented. Great ST. Young and very nice figure....


Crystal Spa (Wilmington, DE)

Saw Soo(?) a bit back. Was looking for apple but mamasan asked me if i been...


Tai Chi Health Center (Phoenixville, PA)

Visited several times so getting around to a review. Since starting to come...


Therapy Wholistc (Bridgewater, NJ)

Visited two weeks ago. After a long time elected for Anna. Looks are still...


L&M Massage Therapy (Somerville, NJ)

Coco Looks 4/5 athletic Face 3.5/5 Massage 4.5/5 ST 4/5 Full one hr Will...


Green Leaves Therapy (East Windsor, NJ)

I haven't been to this place since they change their crew months ago and had a...


Spa 202/206 (Bridgewater, NJ)

&Oldlooking67 Thanks for the accurate info. about BP. I was going crazy trying...

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Blue Rose Spa
570-867-4695  (Hazleton, PA)
Added: Jan 09, 2017
Good News
267-534-3189  (Philadelphia, PA)
Added: Jan 09, 2017
Top Spa
973-743-5282  (Bloomfield, NJ)
Added: Jan 08, 2017
Jade Spa
239-315-5272  (Cape Coral, FL)
Added: Jan 07, 2017
Asian Massage
727-218-4941  (Bayonet Point, FL)
Added: Jan 07, 2017
Orchid Spa
732-664-5892  (Toms River, NJ)
Added: Jan 06, 2017
T Top Spa
646-262-9496  (Flushing, NY)
Added: Jan 06, 2017
202-422-3639  (Washington, DC)
Added: Jan 06, 2017
Bigfoot Massage
732-866-0288  (Freehold, NJ)
Added: Jan 05, 2017
Ancient Chinese Wellness
508-333-9886  (Fairhaven, MA)
Added: Jan 05, 2017
267-410-6391  (Warminster, PA)
Added: Jan 05, 2017
Smile King Spa
718-406-3808  (New York, NY)
Added: Jan 05, 2017
7 Star Spa
832-672-4191  (Houston, TX)
Added: Jan 04, 2017
New Feeling
646-919-8933  (Philadelphia, PA)
Added: Jan 04, 2017
Zhen Shan Mei Spa
929-204-1234  (Flushing, NY)
Added: Jan 04, 2017
Independents - Asian
469-579-4062  (Frisco, TX)
Added: Jan 03, 2017
646-578-5275  (New York, NY)
Added: Jan 01, 2017
Rejuvenate Spa
347-363-9159  (New York, NY)
Added: Dec 31, 2016
Polished Salon, Spa and Wellness
717-975-9036  (Lemoyne, PA)
Added: Dec 31, 2016
Independent - Dyann
347-602-3136  (Mt Vernon, NY)
Added: Dec 30, 2016
White Orchid
619-888-3320  (San Diego, CA)
Added: Dec 30, 2016
Revival Bodywork
508-730-9134  (Westport, MA)
Added: Dec 29, 2016
WZ Foot Spa
210-449-7607  (San Antonio, TX)
Added: Dec 29, 2016
Int’l Health Spa
214-377-8709  (Richardson, TX)
Added: Dec 29, 2016
Red Rock Spa
303-495-5576  (Denver, CO)
Added: Dec 28, 2016
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