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Private Hottie
646-552-3769  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 46
#Comments in Past 60 days: 36
GFE Allstars
917-916-2418  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 40
#Comments in Past 60 days: 47
Green Leaves Therapy
609-448-4380  (East Windsor, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 35
#Comments in Past 60 days: 19
Body Care Therapy
908-322-8856  (Scotch Plains, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 32
#Comments in Past 60 days: 42
China Meridian
215-957-1885  (Hatboro, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 31
#Comments in Past 60 days: 77
Smile Spa
973-928-6003  (Passaic, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 30
#Comments in Past 60 days: 41
Apple Spa
609-324-7868  (Columbus, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 28
#Comments in Past 60 days: 22
Therapy Wholistc
732-369-6010  (Bridgewater, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 25
#Comments in Past 60 days: 32
Chun Spa
484-661-1073  (Allentown, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 25
#Comments in Past 60 days: 18
9 VIP Spa
215-592-0790  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 25
#Comments in Past 60 days: 85
 Featured Reviews

Looking for the best reviews? These reviews were voted most helpful by Spa Hunter members from the last 60 days.

Silk Tigers (New York, NY)
Emily. Her big backside...5+stars. Extraordinary. The rest 4 stars...very good...
Posted by BROOKLYNBRIDGE on Aug 31, 2017
11 members found this review helpful
Sally's Spa (New York, NY)
I made a visit to sallys today, manager remembered me from a while back. Got...
Posted by BOXERDOG on Aug 24, 2017
11 members found this review helpful
Good Girl Spa (New York, NY)
Went to this place on the way tp penn station, got LISA. First, lemme say the...
Posted by WILDSTALLION on Oct 07, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Asian Playdate (New York, NY)
LAURA ...PINK. Either choice is a winnerwinner chicken dinner. Laura was...
Posted by BOBSYOURUNCLE on Sep 15, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Osaka Spa (New York, NY)
A little fireball, thats Vivian. Petite, nice backside, pouty lips, and a...
Posted by THESHOCKER on Sep 07, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Honey Girl Spa (New York, NY)
Arie, the great american...uh, korean DDD natural goddess has returned. And...
Posted by THEDONALD on Sep 06, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Love You Spa (New York, NY)
Newish spa off 5ave in the 40s. I saw Amber. For those who remember, she was...
Posted by FUZZBALLFRANK on Sep 03, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Silk Tigers (New York, NY)
Ok so I did a visit to the Silk Tiger girls. Nice place, clean and well run. I...
Posted by BIGBALONEY on Sep 12, 2017
9 members found this review helpful
Recent Reviews/Comments   [see more]

Golden Spa (Garfield, NJ)

My work brought me to Garfield. A quick search on SH brought me to Golden Spa,...

Healing Day Spa (Glen Mills, PA)

is this spa still open ?

Mimi Day Spa (Staten Island, NY)

Have made a few visits here of late, taking advantage of the extended hours....

V.I.P. Acupresure (Newark, NJ)

anybody know what happened to Nana? She was my favorite.

QQ Spa (Philadelphia, PA)

The massage was okay. For this review I wanted to give my thoughts on the...

Independents - Asian (New York, NY)

From when I went in June, both providers seemed to be in their 30-40s!

Sakura Relaxing (Little Neck, NY)

I was in the area looking to see if my regular spot was still open...it wasnt...

Independents (Brooklyn, NY)

FYI this place went strictly therapeutic. Stopped in tonight and took a half...

Ming's Spa (New York, NY)

Came here last night, very easy to find. Not a discreet entrance. Inside is...

GFE Allstars (New York, NY)

Aimee has a face made for performing her specialty.

Skin Care Oasis (Colonia, NJ)

Lana sounds like a girl I knew at reflexology in Edison a while back.age was...

W&V Therapy (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Had another excellent session with Cece. TM & ST exellent. After the clean up a...

West Trenton Day Spa (Morrisville, PA)

Tried this place 2 times in the past 6 months. The first time I went it was...

Essence of Time (Reading, PA)

I stopped by the other day and met two of the girls Scarlet and Chanel I think...

Revitalization Center (Woodbury Heights, NJ)

Yo anyone know the deal on if there are really anyone watching this place?...

Pleasure Palace (New York, NY)

RN: Read the reviews and comments below there are three locations that the "...

Dover Acupressure & Massage (Dover, NJ)

Finally had a session with Sara. Definitely did not disappoint. I’d rank...

Honey Girl Spa (New York, NY)

Stopped in since I was in the area and it's been on my list for awhile. Had to...

Grace Spa (Harrisburg, PA)

Is this place worth going to? I will be in the area tomorrow. Feel free to PM...

Therapy Wholistc (Bridgewater, NJ)

Nicole - Took satisfaction to a new level On Tuesday, I made an appointment...

GFE Allstars (New York, NY)

@MUSCRAT12 Personal rule #1, don't use credit cards or personal cell. Why...

TCM Therapy Center (Tewksbury, MA)

Horrible. 50-ish years old woman tries to bargain during the massage (which is...

Diamond Spa (Temple Hills, MD)

Saw my ATF today, Gina is back. All natural. Table shower was good 5, gave a...

Crystal Spa (Wilmington, DE)

Can anyone break down the price structure here? House is 1.0 (?) with nuru...

China Meridian (Hatboro, PA)

The correct name of the/her handle is 'Casty123'. Homework is one of my...
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Rose Garden Spa
561-688-8100  (West Palm Beach, FL)
Added: Oct 07, 2017
Pure Pink Spa
347-824-5333  (New York, NY)
Added: Oct 07, 2017
Relax Spa
248-496-3388  (Ferndale, MI)
Added: Oct 07, 2017
Health Spa
561-509-8576  (Boynton Beach, FL)
Added: Oct 07, 2017
JZ Day Spa
626-683-8281  (Pasadena, CA)
Added: Oct 07, 2017
Aroma & Stone Day Spa
908-662-0101  (Kenilworth, NJ)
Added: Oct 06, 2017
Green Trees Asian Bodywork
508-919-8880  (North Grafton, MA)
Added: Oct 06, 2017
Four Season Spa
813-415-2952  (Temple Terrace, FL)
Added: Oct 05, 2017
King Spa
208-672-8611  (Boise, ID)
Added: Oct 04, 2017
Amazing Spa
516-412-9774  (Hicksville, NY)
Added: Oct 04, 2017
Serenity Spa
561-478-4455  (West Palm Beach, FL)
Added: Oct 04, 2017
Mercury Spa
631-849-6899  (Sound Beach, NY)
Added: Oct 03, 2017
Sunny Massage
760-855-5380  (Escondido, CA)
Added: Oct 03, 2017
#1 Asian Spa
646-922-2683  (New York Mills, NY)
Added: Oct 02, 2017
JMT Massage Therapy
978-844-8900  (Acton, MA)
Added: Oct 02, 2017
Aloha Spa
208-672-8400  (Boise, ID)
Added: Oct 01, 2017
Da Tong Shui
212-925-7878  (New York, NY)
Added: Oct 01, 2017
TCM Therapy Center
617-309-0133  (Tewksbury, MA)
Added: Oct 01, 2017
Spa Doremi
917-463-9210  (Brooklyn, NY)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
Chinese Bodywork
212-877-3620  (New York, NY)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
Laurel Spa
301-498-7151  (Laurel, MD)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
Central Ave Spa
908-228-2177  (Westfield, NJ)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
443-455-0927  (Baltimore, MD)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
8 Star Spa
713-766-5629  (Houston, TX)
Added: Sep 30, 2017
Land Spa
929-990-3836  (New York, NY)
Added: Sep 29, 2017
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