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GFE Allstars
917-916-2418  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 45
#Comments in Past 60 days: 29
Private Hottie
646-552-3769  (New York, NY)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 42
#Comments in Past 60 days: 47
Green Leaves Therapy
609-448-4380  (East Windsor, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 42
#Comments in Past 60 days: 37
Dover Acupressure & Massage
973-328-4999  (Dover, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 40
#Comments in Past 60 days: 28
Apple Spa
609-324-7868  (Columbus, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 31
#Comments in Past 60 days: 25
9 VIP Spa
215-592-0790  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 30
#Comments in Past 60 days: 17
Body Care Therapy
908-322-8856  (Scotch Plains, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 29
#Comments in Past 60 days: 14
Smile Spa
973-928-6003  (Passaic, NJ)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 26
#Comments in Past 60 days: 16
309 Evergreen Spa
215-822-8808  (Hatfield, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 26
#Comments in Past 60 days: 42
Grey Spa
267-323-6808  (Philadelphia, PA)
#Reviews in Past 60 days: 25
#Comments in Past 60 days: 13
 Featured Reviews

Looking for the best reviews? These reviews were voted most helpful by Spa Hunter members from the last 60 days.

Good Girl Spa (New York, NY)
Holy Moley. Chanel. A hot body. A gym sculpted DD body. Shes a tall girl, just...
Posted by ROCKPALACE on May 02, 2017
10 members found this review helpful
Osaka Spa (New York, NY)
Had a four hands session with Sophie and the new girl (forgot her name). Sophia...
Posted by JOJOSMITH on May 07, 2017
9 members found this review helpful
Sally's Spa (New York, NY)
Daisy Daisy.... very young looking she said she was 22, probably is actually...
Posted by OBAMALAMA on May 04, 2017
9 members found this review helpful
Asian Playdate (New York, NY)
The 5star reviews about LAURA are true...thanks guys, just saw her and she is...
Posted by DOCTORSUSHI on May 20, 2017
8 members found this review helpful
Silk Tigers (New York, NY)
Silver is most worthy of the SilkTigers name. First off, pretty face, young...
Posted by THEMANDUDE on May 11, 2017
8 members found this review helpful
Honey Girl Spa (New York, NY)
Arie. Its all about the top. And attached to that top is a beautiful face and...
Posted by BALDBASTARD on Apr 28, 2017
8 members found this review helpful
Shake Shake Spa (New York, NY)
Nice top on JULIE. Shes not a talker, but a definite do-er. Fine by me. A...
Posted by BROOKLYNBRIDGE on Jun 15, 2017
7 members found this review helpful
Shake Shake Spa (New York, NY)
Hazel. Odd name for a spa girl...a hot spa girl...i guess if youre hot it...
Posted by ZEPPAGE on Jun 12, 2017
7 members found this review helpful
Recent Reviews/Comments   [see more]

New Health Spa (Wayne, NJ)

High rating for me based on location and expectations being met... Met Lucy...


Cuties Spa (Philadelphia, PA)

Wanted a lineup but mommy said only cici available . The other doors were...


Oriental Wellness Center (South Plainfield, NJ)

Kimmie, Just thought that I should write a review for Kimmie since there...


Top Spa (East Windsor, NJ)

The folks at the Muslim services are in the next building. They and another...


Blue Moon Spa (Quincy, MA)

Have been here often over the past few months. Although the providers seem to...


Rainbow Foot Massage (Houston, TX)

Dropped in for a visit yesterday. Place was freezing. Had a good, but not...


Smile Spa (Passaic, NJ)

Want to thank those of you that reviewed Helen. Saw her today and had a great...


Body Care Therapy (Scotch Plains, NJ)

Met up with BG @ BCT. I had only seen Mandy once over a year ago and figured...


Reiki Palm Healing (Bridgewater, NJ)

Vicki, look 4.5, massage 4.5 and ST 4.5,TS 3.5.overall great, will repeat with...


Green Leaves Therapy (East Windsor, NJ)

Second time visit to GLT drew Cindy and had a great time. She's a pleaser. can...


Taiji AcuCare (Springfield, PA)

I stopped in and they were busy and she said to come back. A female customer...


Garden Spa (Fairfield, CT)

How's FiFi. Can someone PM me details about her.


309 Evergreen Spa (Hatfield, PA)

Go in the front door and they will let you leave out the back door if you want.


Warm Spa (Middletown, NY)

Stopped in met by Ruby at the door. Previous description is accurate, older,...


Skippack Acupressure Spa (Skippack, PA)

Funny how a place can become a habit! Feeling a bit "creaky" and stopped in...


Massage Heaven (Atlantic City, NJ)

Stopped in late last night and no customers in the store. Liza was sitting in...


VIP Spa (Dunn Loring, VA)

Now called "Wellbeing Spa"


Independents - Asian (Philadelphia, PA)

Now that Annie and Julie are gone, has anyone tried the new girls -- Cindy or...


New Day Spa (Allentown, PA)

It's really a shame and I can't understand it. The location is perfect, there'...


Green Spa (Rosedale, MD)

I've visited a couple times now. First time was great, second was just OK....


Sea Wave Massage (Ocean City, NJ)

@SNR828 Starting the 4th of July weekend I will be spending most of the next...


Crown Spa (Ringoes, NJ)

I was in the area recently and visited this place. It had been at least a few...


Private Hottie (New York, NY)

Made a last minute appointment with Judy. Started off with TS little teasing...


Rainbow Spa (Downingtown, PA)

Its called "Ocean" now.


TK Therapy (Greenbelt, MD)

Went again to TK. Never seen this provider. Avg body. Had the TS it was ok, not...

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Starlight Day Spa
832-288-4968  (Houston, TX)
Added: Jun 09, 2017
Oriental Massage Spa
832-701-8370  (Spring, TX)
Added: Jun 09, 2017
Red Rose Spa
646-620-7916  (Valley Stream, NY)
Added: Jun 09, 2017
Maria's Massage
562-942-1319  (Pico Rivera, CA)
Added: Jun 09, 2017
Broadway Spa
929-208-7081  (Amityville, NY)
Added: Jun 08, 2017
Amada Spa
917-291-6512  (Flushing, NY)
Added: Jun 08, 2017
Independents - Asian
347-580-3043  (Flushing, NY)
Added: Jun 08, 2017
929-329-5183  (Clifton, NJ)
Added: Jun 07, 2017
TKO Massage
210-399-1810  (San Antonio, TX)
Added: Jun 07, 2017
Bodytune Massage
781-646-1020  (Arlington, MA)
Added: Jun 07, 2017
Clear Lake Massage
346-561-1094  (Houston, TX)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Hot Stone Spa
609-284-6868  (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Fu Kang Reflexology
646-861-3360  (New York, NY)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Massage Asia
713-947-1401  (Houston, TX)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Independents - Asian
484-272-5578  (Philadelphia, PA)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Babylon SpaLax
631-669-7529  (Babylon, NY)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Woodland Massage Spa
760-790-5600  (San Marcos, CA)
Added: Jun 06, 2017
Massage Therapy Spa
860-303-3808  (North Haven, CT)
Added: Jun 05, 2017
Green Lang Spa
718-885-6718  (Fair Lawn, NJ)
Added: Jun 04, 2017
Independents - Asian
347-931-1181  (Fresh Meadows, NY)
Added: Jun 04, 2017
Foot Spa
516-225-6865  (Lindenhurst, NY)
Added: Jun 04, 2017
Jean Spa
646-982-9239  (Middletown, DE)
Added: Jun 03, 2017
3 Star Massage
713-835-8310  (Houston, TX)
Added: Jun 02, 2017
Sunshine Spa
781-996-8157  (Stoneham, MA)
Added: Jun 02, 2017
Nirvana Massage Los Alamitos
562-296-8984  (Los Alamitos, CA)
Added: Jun 02, 2017
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