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Pearl Spa & Sauna

1656 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115
phone (415) 580-7142

Services: Massage, Day Spa, Sauna

Cost: $$$$

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Weighted user rating (all time): 5.00

Weighted user rating (last 90 days): - none -

Total number of reviews: 7

Total number of comments: 0

Last review/comment date: 7/28/2022

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The ultimate treat yo'self experience. Pearl Spa & Sauna offers the most amazing pampering treatments.

Posted on 07/28/2022

A scrub + massage at Pearl spa can only be described as a religious experience. Have you ever got your car detailed? This is like that but for your body.

Posted on 07/23/2022

Care Provider: Kim

Kim!! Enough said!! Thank you !! Ladies if you haven't tried out this amazing spa you are missing out!!

Posted on 07/08/2022

THE PURE BLISS MASSAGE WAS SO BLISSFULTHAT I FELL ASLEEP. It could also be the fact it was a 10am appt and I've been having 7am shifts (9+ hrs/shift).

Posted on 07/05/2022

AMAZING EXPERIENCE OVERALL! When I came in, I was really shy and unsure of what to do, but the women working at the front desk were showing me around.

Posted on 06/29/2022

The customer service from the moment I walked in was great.

Posted on 06/27/2022

We got the pure bliss and it's a must try experience! We came an hour before the appointment to get familiar with the space and prep before the services.

Posted on 06/25/2022
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