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37480 Harvest Dr, Ste 3
Avon, OH 44011
phone (808) 482-9678

Services: Massage

Cost: $$$$

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Weighted user rating (all time): 5.00

Weighted user rating (last 90 days): - none -

Total number of reviews: 3

Total number of comments: 0

Last review/comment date: 9/19/2019

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Care Provider: Wendy

I have lived all over the US and never had a massage/ healing like Wendy gave me today. I feel the best I have felt in years.

Posted on 09/19/2019

This is the massage you've been dreaming about.

Seriously, I wish I could give this more than 5 stars.

The location is adorable.

Posted on 04/15/2017

Care Provider: Bryan

Breathe is an excellent establishment to receive a myriad of massages. When I arrived I was greeted by Bryan who gave me a Thai massage.

Posted on 08/06/2016
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