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A Touch of Bliss

2928 N 70th St, Ste C
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
phone (480) 217-4176

Services: Massage

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Weighted user rating (all time): 5.00

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Total number of reviews: 5

Total number of comments: 0

Last review/comment date: 9/21/2022

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Care Provider: Shannon

Thanks for the amazing massage. I definitely plan to keep coming to Shannon
Shannon did a truly amazing job

Posted on 09/21/2022

Care Provider: Shannon

I was so glad I took the time to meet and have a massage session with Shannon. It was an incredible massage and I would certainly recommend her to anyone!!!

Posted on 11/22/2021

If anyone is feeling down or has negative energy and needs a realignment to get positive energy, i HIGHLY reccomend you make an appointment to, A Touch of Bliss.

Posted on 04/14/2021

Care Provider: Shannon

Shannon provides great service, great at explaining & working with your schedule
I will definitely be seeing her again

Posted on 07/02/2020

This was one of the most emotional and releasing massages I have ever had..
This young Lady was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, she did things that I have never felt before. The way she got in touch with every part of my body..WOW!!

Posted on 11/12/2019
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